In the developing world, health and healthcare are deeply impacted by the level of development in a country, including that of infrastructure. Access to health services, clean water and proper sanitation are all game changers in this respect.

Bigen leads the provision of comprehensive services to both private and public health sectors in Africa with the focus on infrastructure development. This integrates the mechanical, electrical, structural, clinical planning, commissioning and facilities management disciplines to provide best-fit design solutions, such as the strategic location and design of hospitals and clinics.

With an eye on the client’s bottom line – without ever compromising on safety or quality – Bigen ensures low lifetime costs supported by simple and cost-effective maintenance systems, and employs innovative ways of reducing building energy footprints.

We undertake the full spectrum of health infrastructure development, from project preparation, health planning and design to project management and facilities management.

Our expert in Health

Dr Victor Litlhakanyane

MD: Health