More than a precious commodity for life to exist, water is also key to every industry and agriculture, and is therefore at the heart of all socio-economic development. More than in any other facet of sustainable development, long-term planning for water provision is an imperative for governments.

Bigen has full capability in the entire value chain of water services infrastructure development, whether on a national or a community scale. Having successfully helped to deliver on many water projects including the massive Botswana North-South Carrier water pipeline scheme, Bigen draws on its own creativity, expertise and strategic partnerships to ensure successful project execution. This ranges from preparation stage and feasibility studies to implementation, construction supervision and ongoing asset management.

With an intimate understanding of the requirements of governments, local authorities, mines and industries, the Bigen Water team is able to provide clients with complete solutions, whether gratifying local communities with critical, sustainable freshwater supplies or meeting government’s national development goals.

Our comprehensive service offering encompasses water resource and transfer systems; water and waste water treatment systems; and water systems planning – for more details on our unequalled expertise.

Our experts in Water

Dr Mias van der Walt

MD: Water