Real Estate

At Bigen, we have combined our profound development impact and advisory, engineering, financial and institutional skills in infrastructure development with an intense desire to create value for our partners, stakeholders and clients. In the real estate space we understand this to be the creation and implementation of sustainable infrastructure development solutions to bring about lasting social change, local economic development and access to basic services.

Our real estate experts boast an impressive performance of more than 50 years and have created some of the largest integrated urban housing developments undertaken in Africa to date, delivering services and homes to more than 250 000 families. Our track record includes some of the largest integrated urban housing developments in Africa, various rural housing developments, water and sanitation projects, roads and storm water projects, social and economic infrastructure, and industrial developments. We also have an impressive portfolio of asset management, project programme management and development management projects.

The difference
Our value proposition is based on the creative integration of the needs of communities, the challenges of developers and government requirements into simple, elegant and viable projects. Our intimate understanding of government planning and development processes and our ability to integrate multidisciplinary teams effectively, creates value for our clients through the delivery of viable solutions and quality products on time and consistently within budget.

Recognised as a market leader in the real estate space, we appreciate our client’s needs to go beyond mere service delivery and have fused our in-depth experience and knowledge of real estate development with a bespoke development impact and advisory service offering to maximise impacts such as job creation, SMME empowerment, skills training and development. We furthermore realise that in this intensely competitive era of socio-economic development transformation, private and public enterprises alike need to partner with experienced and reliable service providers such as Bigen, who can offer synergistic benefits, joint value creation and practical solutions.

Our service offering
Our uniquely crafted service offering is focused on both urban and rural environments (integrating residential, commercial, industrial, social and agricultural land use) to achieve real dividends in terms of radical, integrated and sustainable transformation. We are pro-active in our approach and work closely with our partners and clients to fathom, own and solve real estate challenges to the benefit of all stakeholders. All projects are managed by professionals (development managers, project managers and engineers) with a passion to provide innovative solutions to infrastructure challenges. We incorporate strategic partners in order to deliver not only technical services, but also financial, social, institutional and environmental services as part of our one-stop service offering and to create real value across all stages of the project life-cycle.

Our experts in Real Estate

Steyn van Blerk

MD: Real Estate

Dane Poggenpoel

Business Unit Manager

Outside Republic of South Africa 

T +27 12 842 8740