Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital


Africa, including the South African government, faces huge challenges regarding healthcare for children, particularly the lack of paediatric healthcare facilities. The entire continent possesses only four such facilities, with one situated in South Africa (Cape Town).

The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund has been driving the establishment of a new children’s hospital in Johannesburg as a state-of-the-art specialist paediatric academic and tertiary referral hospital, which will also be a true Madiba legacy. This non-profit facility must provide child-centred, world-class medical services irrespective of the children’s social or economic status, in addition to conducting clinical research. The design and construction will be dedicated to “green” principles as far as the budget allows. 



Bigen, through its Health directorate led by national healthcare expert Dr Victor Litlhakanyane, is honoured to have been responsible for preparing the manning and equipping of the new hospital in line with state-of-the-art benchmarks and the highest standards of specialised paediatric care.

The 246-bed hospital will also offer 17 paediatric ICU beds and 25 neonatal ICU beds. Centres of excellence will include oncology and haematology, nephrology, neurosciences, cardiology, cardiac surgery, general paediatric surgery and support services – radiology, nuclear medicine, pharmacy and allied health services such as the therapeutic disciplines. As it is situated near the University of the Witwatersrand’s Medical School, Wits will lead in the training and research conducted at this new facility.



  • Procurement and placement of medical equipment and IT system.
  • Human resources planning.
  • Hospital policy development.


SED impact

  • Long-term economic benefits through local skills, enterprise and supplier development.
  • Long-term improved and sustainable health care for children in Gauteng.



Development Advisory and Impact





Real Estate