Kampala Hospital


For many people in Africa, accessing the health services that they need is a major effort – and at times an impossibility – even in the continent’s capitals, such as Kampala, Uganda. Here, addressing high TB and HIV infection rates effectively is one of the challenges facing Uganda’s healthcare system, as is a high incidence of non-communicable diseases – the major cause of deaths in the country – as well as depression, malnutrition, delayed care and harmful or ineffective practices.



Bigen, with a keen insight into the nature of these impediments and its policy of forging key health partnerships, has been helping to revolutionise the delivery of healthcare services in Uganda through providing effective advisory services to the Kampala International Hospital’s operations management. This facility plays a key role in healthcare provision in the city and its surrounds, and Bigen’s through-the-line health capabilities and services will assist it in addressing the current health infrastructure and development challenges efficiently and cost-effectively.

Bigen, as a respected participant in the hospital’s health consultancy panel, provides clear direction on achieving important national healthcare goals such as overcoming the health impediments in the country, upgrading and maintaining health capabilities, and improving access to health services. The Group’s services are valued at R1,9 billion.



  • Advisory services.


SED impact

  • Improve burden of health impediments in the country.
  • Improve health facilities.
  • Provide Ugandan people with improved access to health services.



Development Advisory and Impact





Real Estate