Zeekoegat Waste Water Treatment Works


Rapid population growth and the deterioration of South Africa’s natural water resources have resulted in stringent discharge standards being set for selected waste water treatment works (WWTW), including Zeekoegat in the City of Tshwane. Here, growth in demand required an increase from 30 Ml/d to 85 Ml/d in the plant’s treatment capacity, which would then necessitate a new state-of-the-art sludge management system to handle the accompanying increase in sludge volumes produced.

An innovative design strategy was required for an economical treatment system capable of producing effluent that falls within the relevant regulatory specifications.



Bigen, partnering with KV3 Engineers, excelled at providing innovative design solutions to ensure an effective increase in capacity as required. The upgrade and expansion involved the construction of a new 40 Ml/d BNRAS module, the new sludge-handling facilities, a tertiary treatment facility for 85 Ml/d and upgrading of the existing 30 Ml/d works to 45 Ml/d by eliminating certain bottlenecks.

Design solutions such as process flexibility, redesign of constraints identified and inclusion of a tertiary treatment facility have ensured the effective functioning of the works at increased capacity. Zeekoegat now services approximately 425 000 people – 275 000 more than before the project was initiated.



  • Detail design.
  • Construction supervision.


SED impact

  • 50 community members were directly employed on the project.
  • 40 000 workdays generated through raising the level of labour-intensive construction methods.
  • Ten training programmes offered ranging from working at heights, bricklaying, fire-fighting and first aid to computer skills and legal liability.
  • Local soccer team fully kitted out.



Development Advisory and Impact





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