Simba Cement Solar PV Study


For African countries, moving forward economically and industrially is heavily dependent on the increasing availability of renewable energy resources, and Bigen is assisting a key Tanzanian manufacturer in achieving this goal – without loading its electricity budget. In Africa, as everywhere else, electricity is a costly commodity. Simba Cement in the Tanga province of Tanzania, an important player in the country’s construction industry, has sought to obtain an improved quality of electrical supply for its operations without increasing its operational or maintenance costs. Specifically, Simba has been eyeing savings on its monthly payments to Tanesco, the parastatal electricity supplier.



Appointed to provide this key solution, Bigen has been compiling a technical alternative analysis and a concept design for a grid tie, battery back-up solar PV system for Simba Cement. This includes a prefeasibility study on financial viability. The Group’s participation is valued at USD40 million. Solar power, as a renewable and sustainable energy source, has proven itself as a cost-effective alternative to generated electricity in Tanzania and therefore a game changer in industry and civil life. For Simba Cement, it is the solution needed to step up its operational electricity consumption towards an increased production rate, without incurring crippling energy costs.



  • Compile a technical alternative analysis and a concept design for a grid tie, battery back- up Solar PV system at Simba Cement.
  • Pre-feasibility study to proof the financial viability of the proposed solution.


SED impact

  • Improved Quality of Supply.
  • Low operating and maintenance costs.
  • High potential savings against electricity tariffs from Tanesco.



Development Advisory and Impact





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