Ms Merissa Singh

Company Secretary

A qualified and highly competent governance professional with more than seven years’ experience in business administration, regulatory support and corporate governance within companies and funds, Marissa is the Company Secretary for the Bigen Group.

Experienced in dealing with board meetings and translating governance theory into appropriate frameworks and processes, she is responsible for the overall governance and statutory compliance for Bigen Africa Services and its subsidiaries.

With a sound understanding of Bigen’s strategic goals and business plans, Merissa’s strong sense of accountability for actions and decisions and proficiency in legal, regulatory, governance and administrative matters supports her business monitoring and advisory roles. Senior management and colleagues benefit from her well-informed insights into statutory compliance practices, which add significant value to ensuring that all company records are aligned with legislative requirements.

Before joining Bigen, she served in a similar role at the Eskom Pension and Provident Fund, reporting directly to the CEO.

“Bigen’s commitment to doing good while doing business has embedded a business ethic that recognises the need for localised and inclusive approaches to sustainable development in Africa and the need to align our business efforts with addressing inequality, unemployment and poverty. I find this journey of accountability stimulating and invigorating.”