Mr Steyn van Blerk

Managing Director: Real Estate

With a track record spanning three decades as a registered professional engineer and extensive experience as a project management professional, Steyn van Blerk brings significant expertise as Managing Director of Bigen’s Real Estate Directorate.

Prior to joining Bigen in 2006, Steyn’s remit included 11 years in senior positions at the Gauteng Department of Housing, where he led and managed the planning, development and delivery of a range of housing projects. As a Chief Director: Development Planning and Programme at the department, he developed and led the implementation of a Regional Profession Team approach and managed these teams in the planning and implementation of housing projects for all the municipalities in Gauteng.

Acknowledged as a leading voice in real estate, Steyn is especially experienced in creatively integrating community needs, developer challenges and government requirements into simple, elegant and viable projects. He has driven the delivery of numerous successful projects, including more recently, eight integrated housing projects in Mpumalanga, Gauteng and the Eastern Cape. He also implemented and managed the professional support unit in the Mpumalanga Department of Human Settlements and developed the Accreditation Operations Framework for the Department of Housing.

His passion for innovative solutions to infrastructure challenges is reflected in the delivery of technical, financial, social, institutional and environmental services by a team of real estate professionals (development managers, project managers and engineers) who create real value across all stages of the project life-cycle.

“We are proactive in our approach and work closely with our partners and clients to fathom, own and solve real estate challenges to the benefit of all stakeholders. Our track record includes some of the largest integrated urban housing developments in Africa, various rural housing developments, water and sanitation projects, roads and storm water projects, social and economic infrastructure, and industrial developments.”