Mr Henk Bester

Managing Director: Transportation

A transportation and railways subject matter expert with 29 years’ experience in business management that includes global exposure to project development and execution, Henk has been the Managing Director of Bigen’s Transportation Directorate since 2018.

An acknowledged change leader, his ability to handle change in a positive manner supports a track record of using best business practices consistently to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase productivity.

Henk’s deep footprint in the railways industry globally includes establishing the largest privately-owned railway consultancy in Africa. His strategic leadership and versatility as a highly-respected, key problem solver is widely recognised at Bigen. Under his direction, the Group has successfully executed a range of high profile local and international projects, including upgrading of railway lines in Namibia, Burkina Faso and Mauritania and a Manganese export line in South Africa.

He has also been project director and railway expert on projects in Brazil, Australia, Canada and Mozambique as well as amongst others includes the famous Land Bridge project in Saudi Arabia connecting the Red Sea with the Persian Gulf, peer reviewer for an iron ore project in Greenland in the Arctic Circle and for a water-by-rail project in Iraq.

“Bigen has delivered transportation solutions in Africa for more than 30 years. We understand the challenges and the need for socio-economic development impact. I firmly believe that partnerships with synergistic benefits and practical solutions will be the change agent in Africa’s transformation.”