Dr McLean Sibanda

Managing Director: Bigen Global and Board member

An accomplished patent attorney, engineer and internationally respected innovation promoter with a 23-year career in intellectual property and related fields, Dr McLean Sibanda is the regional Managing Director of Bigen Global and a member of the Bigen Board.

Bigen Global subsidiaries are in East and West Africa, with ports of entry in Kenya and Ghana respectively and offices in Botswana, Mozambique and Zambia.

Before joining Bigen, McLean was the CEO of The Innovation Hub South Africa, as well as Treasurer of the International Association of Science Parks (IASP) and President of the IASP African Division. He brings on board legal expertise with a specific proficiency in deal structuring and extensive experience in developing entrepreneurship, innovation, venture funding and incubation.

His focus at Bigen on public private partnerships (PPPs), as well as asset ownership along infrastructure value chains, will add significant value to the company’s enterprise value, projects pipeline and robust balance sheet. As an executive shareholder with a passion for innovative thinking, new ideas and assisting small and medium enterprises to help resolve construction challenges, McLean’s contribution is set to support Bigen’s pursuit of becoming one of Africa’s top five socio-economic development activists by 2021.

“Bigen is an African company invested in the future of Africa. I am confident that the Group’s focus on investments and concessions, as well as delivering innovative, solutions-focused infrastructure development, will create a sustainable impact in countries across Africa.”