Vaalharts revitalisation


The food production and water value chain support many communities, industries, and other social services in the Vaalharts region.

And to unlock the region’s full food production and economic potential, the integrity and efficiency of the extensive Vaalharts conveyance system needed to be ensured. 

The complex stakeholder relationships and the intimate dependency of the entire region on water security required proper planning. This planning was done mainly in silos by different stakeholders.



Bigen developed an integrated master plan that aimed to integrate the planning requirements from various perspectives.

The programme had the following objectives:

  • A holistic development philosophy that aimed for social upliftment and profitable agri-business on the existing scheme and in the communities surrounding the scheme.
  • Characterised by overall enterprise planning, human capital development, empowerment, and access to information. And underpinned by a financially sustainable development strategy alongside repair and re-design of existing infrastructure.

The main components of the programme consisted of the following:

  • Water Infrastructure Rehabilitation
  • Community Water Supply Development
  • Agricultural project development
  • Restitution Project development
  • Taung Emerging farmer development and extension



  • Water Infrastructure Rehabilitation.
  • Community Water Supply Development.
  • Agricultural project development.
  • Restitution Project development.
  • Taung Emerging farmer development and extension.
  • Sourcing of funds for the planning and implementation of the programme.


    SED impact

    • Social upliftment and profitable agri-business in the community.
    • Community development and skills training for sustainable agri-business practices.
    • Improvements to current infrastructure allowing access to services.
    • Job creation through both construction processes and development programme.



    Development Advisory and Impact





    Real Estate