Upgrade on R56 from Indwe to Elliot to Maclear


Bigen was appointed for SMME development to implement the Enterprise and Supplier Development Programme by Concor for roadworks on a 127 kilometre stretch of road on the R56 Section 6 from Indwe to Elliot and Section 7 from Elliot to Maclear.



The roadworks formed part of a 30-month long special maintenance construction project, which included upgrading and strengthening the road surface, improving all ancillary infrastructure, and constructing pedestrian walkways in the vicinity of each of the towns along the route to improve pedestrian safety.

The derived impact included a local project spend of 24%; R 150m local spend as a result of the project, 98 SMMEs involved, 150 FTE youth trained, fuelling station now services trucks which pass through Elliot instead of stopping at Queenstown and the development of a KFC opened demonstrating sustained local economic activity.



  • A strategic look at project requirements.
  • A strategic look at resources in the area: number of SMMEs in DM (CIDB), fuel suppliers, material suppliers, etc.
  • Unbundling of BOQ from 5 work packages to 98 work packages.
  • Skills development, construction mentorship, trained youth, 
  • Upgrading of fuelling station with offtake agreement from the project.

Effective, fair procurement of 98 SMMEs sized CIDB 1 – 5 compared to initial procurement strategy of 5 companies CIDB 6 – 9.


SED impact

  • Local spend: 24% of the project; R 150m local spend due to the project.
  • 98 SMMEs involved.
  • 150 FTE youth trained.
  • Fuel station now services trucks that pass-through Elliot instead of stopping at Queenstown.
  • A KFC opened, demonstrating sustained local economic activity.



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