Thorntree View Integrated Development


In supporting the government’s Breaking New Ground principles to address housing backlogs, City of Tshwane envisioned the Thorntree View integrated development, a massive and ambitious human development between Rosslyn and Soshanguve. The objective was for the settlement to foster economic growth as well as social, cultural and environmental development in the community.

For the contractors, including Bigen, the challenge was to densify and realign the already approved township layout in terms of Breaking New Ground principles, without compromising the already issued development rights and still ensuring that the flamboyance of the development was kept intact. This involved, amongst others, redesigning the sewer infrastructure to accommodate the previously installed mid-block sewers.



Bigen is proud to have been associated with the project which is now the fastest developing area in the City of Tshwane. The development framework designed by the urban designer, town planner and Bigen’s engineering teams promotes social cohesion, crime reduction and moral regeneration of the entire node. Public spaces have been designed to accommodate street vendors and open-air markets to service consumers with low purchasing power.

The development comprises 29 000 subsidised, institutional and bonded housing units with public open spaces, business and commercial stands, schools, sports fields and parks. Residents have access to all services and amenities including telecommunication, electricity, potable water, waterborne sanitation, roads and storm water infrastructure.



  • Civil engineering consulting.
  • Electrical engineering consulting.


SED impact

  • On-the-job training.
  • Support of local suppliers and SMMEs.
  • Vibrant economic activity for women selling food to contractors.
  • Employment of 2 000 people at a total budgeted remuneration of R60 million.
  • Improved and safer lifestyle.



Development Advisory and Impact





Real Estate