Teebus Hydro Power Station


Adequate, reliable and renewable supplies of energy are key to ensuring sustainable growth in Africa. Challenges to achieving these goals include responding to demands for renewable energy, energy efficiency and infrastructure management.

Eskom appointed Bigen, as a specialist with a significant track record in delivering large, complex bulk electrical services and bulk infrastructure, to perform a feasibility study for the expansion and renovation of the Teebus hydro power station near Gariep in the Northern Cape. The goal was to retain the existing civil infrastructure and only replace the electrical and mechanical equipment, thereby increasing the output of the station to 10MW.



Bigen’s pre-feasibility study provided technical and financial validation on the reinstatement of the project, as well as guidance on aspects to be considered in the design and implementation phases. The study indicated that the generation capacity which can be harnessed for this site was about 10 MW and that the workable options which were included ranged from 4.74 to 10.05 MW.

The capital cost, operational and maintenance cost as well as the anticipated income from the generated electricity were used to determine typical economic evaluation parameters. The results were very positive, including short pay-back periods, low operating and maintenance costs, and high potential income.



  • Feasibility studies.


SED impact

  • Improving livelihoods sustainably through increasing the supply of electrical power to local households.
  • Employment of local professional workers and construction workers.
  • Development of local suppliers.



Development Advisory and Impact





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