Siloam District Hospital


Siloam District Hospital in Vhembe, Limpopo, was identified as a National Presidential Priority in 2011. The scope of work includes construction of a hospital in two phases; operating theatres; psychiatric, maternity, surgical and general wards; replacement of the ageing gateway clinic and nursing school; student and staff accommodation; as well as fencing, parking, gatehouse control, landscaping and the required civil work.

Challenges that needed to be overcome were the available budget, remote location, lack of bulk services and poor ground conditions. It was furthermore necessary to adhere to a lengthy approval process which included provincial and national health departments, local tribal authorities, health planners, steering committees, and architectural and engineering peer reviews.



To address the challenges, Bigen applied best practice including value-based exercises to maximise effective spatial utilisation and reduce the hospital’s footprint from 100m2 per bed to 86m2.

The number of beds (306) is based on population growth in the Thulamela health district projected to 2020, as well as the disease profile for the area which is dominated by TB, HIV and intestinal diseases, coupled with a high incidence of communicable diseases. The planning and development of the hospital follows the approved healthcare model of care for district healthcare in line with the Limpopo Department of Health Strategic Transformation Plan.

The hospital will support 15 clinics and a CHC in Thulamela Municipality. The project will commence in mid-2018.



  • Electrical engineering.
  • Structural engineering.
  • Civil engineering.
  • Mechanical engineering including all HVAC and wet services.


SED impact

  • Long-term economic benefits through local skills, enterprise and supplier development.
  • Improved Health Care to surrounding communities.



Development Advisory and Impact





Real Estate