Rustenburg Integrated Rapid Public Transport System


With the vast majority of households in the North-west Province town of Rustenburg not possessing personal transport, bus rapid transport (BRT) has been identified as the ideal public transport solution for the region as it provides a full network and rapid, high-quality and safe service.

Though the NE Corridor of the Rustenburg integrated rapid public transport system project commissioned by the local municipality was eventually successfully completed, obstacles such as financial constraints and political interference were encountered, causing various delays. This included the late awarding of one of the four contracts that the project was divided into. Nevertheless, the final stage of project was completed by December 2016, within 3½ years after the first stage was awarded to a contractor.



Bigen and Lotshephe Development Engineers were awarded the contract for the Rustenburg integrated rapid public transport system in the north-east corridor extending along the R510. It comprises 15 km of road and required, inter alia, the construction of eight bus stations, dedicated bus lanes, widening of two bridges, three new bridges and mixed lanes with surfaced shoulders.

The Lotshephe Africa JV employed a multi-level engagement strategy to obtain strategic and technical inputs at the appropriate levels, ensuring a safe, efficient and well-designed BRT route for all, including improved roads and intersections for better traffic flow, safe pedestrian and universal access infrastructure.


  • Feasibility studies.
  • Impact assessments.
  • Detail design.
  • Tender administration.
  • Construction supervision.


SED impact

  • Long-term economic benefits through local skills, enterprise and supplier development for the local population.



Development Advisory and Impact





Real Estate