N11 between Ermelo and Hendrina Roads Project


Bigen was appointed by the South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL) in 2012 to assist in the rehabilitation of 55km of road between Ermelo and Hendrina, valued at approximately R520 million.

As part of the Mpumalanga Caul Haul Network, the N11 between Ermelo and Hendrina needed to be improved. Eskom had appointed Bigen as part of the NETGroup Consortium, to undertake the engineering and environmental service components of rehabilitating and upgrading road sections along the N11, the R38 and R542

The road sections being rehabilitated include the N11-8 from Ermelo to Hendrina as well as a portion of the R35 into Hendrina. The project had originally been initiated by Eskom, under its Coal Haulage Repair Programme, due to the road being badly deteriorated by heavy coal truck traffic. The safety on these roads has been of great concern, primarily because of the road damage.



The project aimed at rehabilitating the road and to improve safety for users. The project included the construction of two bridges, the widening of four other bridges, and the widening of a number of culverts in order to improve the usability and state of the roads. Passing lanes on steep inclines were also being provided, with the aim of preventing bumper to bumper traffic, caused by vehicles struggling uphill. Bigen has taken safety into consideration during construction and ensured the accommodation of traffic by minimising the need for stop and go sections along the road. This has also minimised potential delays of coal being delivered to the Eskom power stations.



  • Project management.
  • Contract engineering.
  • Design.
  • Contract documentation.


SED impact

  • Almost 200 local residents employed throughout the construction phase.
  • Positive economic impact on local communities.
  • Local contractor and supplier development (six emerging contractors and 32 local BBBEE subcontractors employed).
  • Sponsoring of various sport, school and community events.
  • Skills transfer into local communities.



Development Advisory and Impact





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