Kiepersol Substation


Projected population growth and urban development necessitate long-term planning of infrastructure development, including that needed for energy provision. Upgrading and refurbishment of existing infrastructure can be efficient and cost-effective solutions to a growing demand, especially when long-term planning has made provision for such strategies.

The existing Kiepersol electrical substation in the vicinity of the Spring Valley residential development at Duhva Park, Emalahleni had become unable to meet the growing demand in the area. This had increased to the extent where it was foreseen that the substation would need to supply at double its capacity, which required at the very least – and preferably – an upgrade and refurbishment of the infrastructure.



Bigen is, in all infrastructure development disciplines including energy, an innovative solutions provider which was appointed on the project to upgrade the Kiepersol substation.

Bigen undertook the refurbishment of the existing infrastructure as well as the installation of a second transformer bay with all related protection equipment to double the bulk supply capacity of the substation. With its trademark focus on quality and the provision of innovative solutions to meet any challenges – both foreseen and unforeseen – Bigen was able to deliver on the project requirements on time, to specification and within budget.



  • Refurbishment and bulk capacity upgrade of existing substation.
  • Design and installation.
  • Project and contract management.


SED impact

  • Improved supply of electrical power to local households.
  • Employment of local professional workers and construction workers.
  • Development of local suppliers.
  • Local business development.



Development Advisory and Impact





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