Chief Mogale Integrated Human Settlement


Mogale City is eager to assist the South African government in reaching its development goals through giving impetus to the Breaking New Ground development strategy. It also aims to phase out unsafe and economically unsustainable communities offering little to no social integration, sound infrastructure or basic services.

With an estimated housing backlog of almost 30 000 units in Mogale City, much work is needed to close the gap and ensure that all related problems can be addressed. These include overcrowding in residential areas and informal settlements which are health and fire hazards.



Bigen has been appointed on the Chief Mogale Gardens project, an integrated human settlement which will reduce the local housing backlog by more than a third through delivering 9 315 residential units. Of these, 4 244 are subsidised, 2 539 are institutional and 2 532 are affordable free market (bonded) housing units. All units will blend seamlessly with schools, clinics, crèches, parks, a sports precinct, shopping centres and public open spaces.

Revolutionising the face of Mogale City, the development sets a benchmark for development within the municipality. It will transform the current fragmented residential framework into a vibrant, safe community that is socially, economically and fiscally affordable and sustainable.



  • Project management.
  • Development management.
  • Civil engineering.
  • Electrical engineering.


SED impact

  • Employment and skills training for 2 000 people of whom 90% are local.
  • Adequate housing for 9 315 families.



Development Advisory and Impact





Real Estate