Breezy Hills Housing Project


Bigen and Capex Africa are partnering to assist the Ghanaian government in addressing one of its most serious challenges – a massive backlog in the provision of affordable, quality housing in the urban areas due to unprecedented rapid population growth and urbanisation. Besides the shortage, overcrowding and a declining quality in housing mark the current situation; the challenge therefore revolves around both quantity and quality.

Other obstacles to the delivery of housing in Ghana are the high cost of building materials, outdated building codes and standards, and the lack of effective regulatory and monitoring mechanisms.



Through the Breezy Hills Genesis housing development in Ghana, Bigen has the opportunity to reaffirm its reputation as an innovative infrastructure development solutions provider partnering with governments pursuing their socio-economic development goals.

With few other developers active in the lower end of the Ghanaian market, Bigen was able to enter this large, mostly untapped market with a cost-effective housing product which also successfully overcomes the typical hindrances in the local building industry.

Incorporating innovative access to finance, Breezy Hills offers competitively more affordable housing to economically challenged individuals. The development will comprise approximately 560 two-bedroom housing opportunities.



  • Civil engineering services.
  • Electrical engineering services.
  • Financial services.
  • Advisory services.
  • Project Management.


SED impact

  • Long-term economic benefits through local skills development, enterprise and supplier development, provision of adequate and affordable housing to some 560 families.



Development Advisory and Impact





Real Estate