In Zambia and Madagascar, the 2019 Human Development Report states that respectively 63% and 44% of births are attended by skilled health personnel. The maternal mortality ratios are 224 and 353 deaths per 100,000 live births. Only 26% of the population in Zambia and a mere 11% in Madagascar have access to basic sanitation facilities.

Our Response

While the Foundation is an education-focused organisation, we provide medical treatment for children who require hospitalization and consultations with specialists. To date, we have financed surgeries for 14 children with bowed legs, cleft lips, life-threatening injuries, and routine shunt replacements. Moreover, we ensure children in the home-based programme receive the medication, food and nutrition they require, and we offer them an alternative healing therapy called Body Stress Release.

In Madagascar, we employ a part-time medical doctor and full-time nurse to visit 20 villages in the Loky-Manambato Protected Area, some of which are over 45km from the nearest clinic. This means that 2,800 residents of these villages now have reliable medical care in the comfort of their own homes, and an additional 6,000 residents from neighbouring communities only travel a few kilometres to consult qualified healthcare professionals.

We also sponsor medical personnel to receive training on conditions that are prevalent in our areas. In 2019, we supported one medical doctor and nurse on an internship at the Freedom from Fistula Institution in Tamatave, Madagascar. While in Tamatave, they received 112 hours of training on how to manage cases of obstetric fistula, participated in 16 operations and upon return were able to immediately identify and refer 5 women with this condition.